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Mingo Warrior
The word "Mingwe" (the origin of the word "Mingo" as they were referred to by the white man) means stealthy. These Iroquois Indians arrived in the Upper Ohio River Valley around the early 1740’s. Though their warriors were few in number, they were respected as some of the fiercest fighters in battle. Chief Logan was a Mingo, known for his retaliation in 1774 for the massacre of his family. Simon Girty, adopted as a child by the Iroquois, accompanied Mingo war parties during the American Revolution on the frontier.
Mingo Warrior,
12" x 18", pastel on paper (18" x 24" matted and framed), original artwork.
Mingo Warrior,
8" x 10" (11" x 14" with matte),
hand-signed open edition,
$25, plus shipping and handling
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© 2010 Alan Fitzpatrick
Background image by Anne Foreman is taken from Wilderness War on the Ohio by Alan Fitzpatrick