About the Artist

Cecy Rose works out of a studio near Moundsville, WV nestled in the heart of frontier America. She was encouraged by author Alan Fitzpatrick to do a series of portraits, “18th Century Warriors,” one of which became the cover of his 2nd edition printing of Wilderness War on the Ohio. “This area is so rich in history related to the American Revolution – I feel that I have a purpose and a commitment to paint those figures in 18th century America that have become, for me, the most intriguing subjects I’ve painted to date. Daniel Boone, in particular, was a labor of love – he was a personal acquaintance of my own ancestors, the McAfee’s – first pioneer settlers of Kentucky.”

Each portrait is painted in oil on stretched linen, and her palette duplicates as closely as possible, that of Stuart Gilbert. “Gilbert’s colors are amazingly versatile in that so few provide so many rich mixtures of hues. Using his palette also makes me feel as though I’m capturing a nostalgic mood that he so beautifully portrayed in his works.”

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© 2010 Alan Fitzpatrick
Background image by Cecy Rose