“A handful of researchers has used the Haldimand collection to write about specific players in the wilderness war, such as Butler’s Rangers, McKee and the Girtys, but until Fitzpatrick, no one has told the story of the fight for the Ohio Country in its entirety.” 

--“Smoke and Fire” magazine
"Wilderness War on the Ohio by Alan Fitzpatrick details the British and Indian alliance in the fight to put down the American rebellion west of the Allegheny mountains....
Fitzpatrick makes no commentary in favor of one side or the other in the book.... It’s a very poignant story. It will move anybody."

--Betsy Bethel
Associate Editor for
Arts & Living
Wheeling News-Register

PLACE OF THE SKULL by Alan Fitzpatrick 

There is a mystery surrounding Wheeling, West Virginia’s earliest pre-colonial history that has not been adequately investigated or solved for over two hundred and fifty years until now. The mystery begins with the name. What does Wheeling mean? Who gave it this Indian name and for what reason?

Wheeling is an English corruption of the Delaware word “Weel-lunk,” which literally means “Place of the Skull” in the Delaware language. It was told by the Indians that a white man’s severed head had been placed upon a pole at the site of Wheeling as a warning. Who then was this white man and why was he slain?

This book answers those questions by delving into the existing historical archives of the time as well as examining the 18th Century Native-American Woodland Indian mind to understand “Weel-lunk” through their eyes. To Indians, placing the severed head of a white man upon a pole was not a random act of savagery or a warning to white men. Rather, it was an act of retribution for a grievous crime committed there, and marked the "Place of the Skull" with the legacy of a place of white man’s evil.

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by Alan Fitzpatrick
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Background image by Anne Foreman is taken from Wilderness War on the Ohio by Alan Fitzpatrick