The Fort Henry Story

“The Fort Henry Story” chronicles the events leading up to and including the siege of Fort Henry at Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia) on September 11th, 12th and 13th 1782, known as the “Last Battle of the American Revolution." Meticulously researched for historical accuracy from both the American patriot and British Indian Department archives, “The Fort Henry Story,” was filmed at three separate locations with a cast of dozens of re-enactors portraying settler militiamen, Native-American warriors, and Butler’s Rangers. It is a moving portrayal of the life and death struggle of a handful of fort defenders pitted against fierce Indian warriors and elite British Rangers in a battle for ultimate control of the Indian Ohio Country during the American Revolution. Their paths came together at Wheeling in 1782 and the result of the siege of Fort Henry became a watershed of success and failure that changed them all forever. “The Fort Henry Story” is a stunning visual narrative of the people and events that determined Wheeling’s destiny, and a story of the courageous stand of a few against many in their heroic fight for freedom.

The Fort Henry Story DVD
27 minutes , $16.95, plus shipping and handling
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Background image by Anne Foreman is taken from Wilderness War on the Ohio by Alan Fitzpatrick